My Stand on GMOs

Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, have recently become a big issue because altering the genetic substance of the food can have many implications to the society and our health. On one side, eating genetically modified food can possess many benefits such as disease resistance and provide extra nutrition to people. On the other side, there lies issues on the potential environment and health risks.

Personally, I’m okay with GMOs existing in the global market, under the condition that it would have very strict regulations during and after the development phase of the product to reduce the risks of having short-term and long-term side effects on us. There are many starving nations out there with no choice but to use GMOs that can produce more food with better nutritional value, and using GMOs is very advantageous here. And if there is an assurance that there will be no other side effects, of course backed by extensive studies, and if this makes my food taste better, then GMOs have a place in the market in my eyes.

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Today our class had an experiment involving cooking kropek. Each group was tasked to bring a pan, cooking oil (can be vegetable oil/ canola oil/even butter), spatula and uncooked kropek. Each group brought different kinds of kropek, so we all got to compare which brand tasted the best. In my opinion, it was our group’s kropek since it did not only taste uniquely good, but it also expanded to a big size which allowed more people to try it at the same time. Cooking kropek, though may seem easy, is actually harder than it seems since it can burn fast, along with the fact that it may be challenging to cause all parts of the kropek to be equally cooked. 


Cooking the kropek in different kinds of oil didn’t really taste different from each other, aside from those cooked with butter, from Kenneth Nacion’s group. Many people didn’t like how it tasted, but I personally felt it was a good alternative to the usual kropek they serve in restaurants.

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Food Chemistry

Many people, in the first glance, would view these different foods as very weird and even disgusting. However, I believe this can be mainly attributed to the difference in their societies norms and the characteristics they have attributed to these certain animals and insects, such as being dirty and disgusting. Of course, with the right treatment and cleaning, most if not all of these can be eaten if the person is willing to experience something new.

Food, as I see it now, is anything we consume either for nutrition, appealing taste or just for the thrill of trying something new.

Normal food is basically what people consider “edible” based on the social norms they live by, such as eating chicken, beef, pork, etc. However, this is a very relative thing since in other countries, a different species may be prevalent and commonly eaten, thus can be considered “normal food”.

My top 5 foods would be live new-born mice, snakes, grasshoppers, pig brain and live octopus.

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CLE Video Conference Reflection

This morning, my group, along with that of Alvaro’s, had a video blog with Australian students from St. Mary’s College. Although I started out a bit sleepy, I still learned a lot from this experience. We talked about a variety of things, such as activities of school, sports, culture, and even touching up on language. In this conference, we were able to break a lot of stereotypes of each other, and we ended up with the realization that our lives, though world’s apart, are not so far from each other as we thought. We share the same interests, and enthusiasm to learn, and I’m actually glad to have had another opportunity to have a video conference with people outside our country.

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Simple Poster for Alcohol

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CLE Responses on First Sem

3 Most Relevant Lessons/Topics:
1. I was able to discover the different kinds of epistomological world views, and discovering what kind I actually had.
2. Respecting other cultures despite our differences in beliefs and traditions.
3. There is an existing unjust social structure in the society that prevents some people from improving their current lifestyle conditions, one which we must collaboratively work to break.

2 Skills Developed
1. Interacting with different cultures
2. Appreciating and understanding scripture.

My most significant insight:
The world we live in may not be perfect, with all the injustices and problems each member of the society faces, but if we all contribute by participating actively, we can eventually collectively help each other break these unjust “norms”.

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Chem 5 Painful Moments

1. When I was young, I stuck my hand into spinning fan w/o a cover and got rushed to the CR.
2. I was trying to have a goal somewhere around grade school, and I hit my head on the goal post.
3. Got punched in the face in grade 1
4. Got spilled on by hot water
5. Almost drowned when I was young because I panicked

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